How to Find a Cheap Locksmith

If you happen to find yourself on the receiving end of a broken lock or a burglarized home, one of the most daunting tasks around can be finding a locksmith that is both affordable and well reviewed among your local community.


The cost of a locksmith will depend entirely on what services you need done. A simple key copy shouldn’t break the wallet, but having our entire lock replaced might prove to be a bit pricey. Many locksmiths use hidden fees or simply don’t tell you the price of the services rendered beforehand, thus working under the assumption that once the service is done, you have to pay up, regardless of price. Other locksmiths may try and charge you for things you didn’t even need done, proving that honesty isn’t always a shared trait among locksmiths.

As with any service, you should always inquire about pricing before a locksmith is dispatched to your home, office, or car. Be sure to request a detailed price list that explains the price breakdown of each service you need, as well as those many presume is included , such as the cost of a driver coming to you and any fees due to coming out at a late hour.

Some locksmith companies may also accept coupons. These are typically available on the locksmith’s website and can usually be downloaded and printed for convenience. Other companies may price match, which is a good way to find the best price without having to sacrifice quality.

A cheap locksmith might be difficult to find, especially if you need help late at night or desire a variety of services. The surefire way to find a cheap locksmith is simply knowing someone with the right tools and equipment who is willing to give you a discount or, if you’re good friends, provide the service for free. In the end, you should conduct thorough research before deciding on a locksmith so as to get the best possible price from the most reputable company.

Posted on May 16, 2012 at 3:15 PM