A Commercial Locksmith is Essential in Protecting Your Building or Business

While many locksmith companies are all inclusive, each individual situation requires a specific set of services. If your home is broken into, then you don’t need a car locksmith, right? The same goes for commercial properties and businesses, which require the specific set of skills practiced by a commercial locksmith.


A commercial locksmith specializes in the security and safety of a commercial business or property, and this can mean a wide variety of things. One common need for a commercial business is keyless entries and electronic keypads, which are often used in companies that need a medium-level of security. For example, a large office park may include a wide variety of businesses, and to prevent just any random person from walking in, a keyless entry, such as those requiring a specific photo badge and electronic key card are necessary.

Another example of a service provided by a commercial locksmith is basic locksmithing needs within the office. This can include fixing file cabinets, installing new locks for safes, and creating new keys. These services are often indispensable, especially in a company that deals with a lot of money or has a lot of sensitive information.

This sort of security can also be found in high tech security systems such as alarm systems and monitoring. With monitoring, a lot of commercial locksmiths can help install closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), which are used to monitor all areas of the office while away. The weekends and evenings are when a burglar would attempt to break in, and a CCTV system can help catch the culprit.

When selecting a commercial locksmith, you should always make sure that you perform adequate research. While it’s rare, you never know when a locksmith who set up your security system is actually a criminal, so proper vetting of the company and the individual locksmith used should be performed before making a final decision.

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Posted on May 21, 2012 at 9:00 AM