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Locksmith Ripoff

Jacqueline Boyle has a story to tell about dealing with a disreputable locksmith.

Tulsa Burglar

A man in Tulsa broke into a home by using a locksmith. Dario Valero, age 26, called a locksmith to gain entry to the home, the police report.

Key Copies Easy to Make

After a recent news story detailing how an app and a website can be used to make copies of a key without physically having the key, a locksmith took that one step further.

A Father / Son Locksmith Business

Greenwich Locksmiths in Manhattan is a father/son business. Phil Mortillaro and his son, Philip Jr. make a good team. The elder Phil began working in the trade after dropping out of school after finishing the eighth grade.

Lawsuit Filed Against Locksmith Company

A lawsuit has been filed against an Ohio locksmith company for using bait and switch tactics.

Importance of Mobile Locksmiths

Tophill Locksmith Service operates in the Hartland, Michigan area. They believe there are specific advantages for consumers who are familiar with a mobile locksmith.

Considering a Locksmith Apprenticeship

There are many paths possible when trying to become an apprentice, but most recommend an apprenticeship along the way.

Honda Paying for Lock Issue

Honda is paying for repairs that are impacting thousands of their CR-V crossover models. The trouble has been bothering owners of the CR-Vs for over 18 months. Many have had to call in a locksmith to help them resolve the issue prior to Honda’s response.

Deer Park Locksmith Adds BMW Service

Locksmith Deer Park is proud to announce an expansion to their services. They are now prepared to offer services to the BMW line of cars.

Babylon Locksmiths Respond to Security Breach

Locksmiths Babylon recently worked with a Long Island client to help protect against a security breach.

Lamar County Welcomes New Locksmith

On September 18th, a special ribbon cutting ceremony was held in Lamar County. The Lamar County Chamber of Commerce held the ceremony to welcome a new member, A Texas Locksmith.

Denver Locksmith Offers Advice

A Denver locksmith is giving advice about avoiding scams. ASAP Locksmith says property owners should be on the lookout for people posing as locksmiths while either overcharging their customers or using professional skills to break into homes.

City on Call Locksmith Opens New Location

City on Call Locksmith from West Hollywood has added a new website as part of their recent expansion.

Locksmith Needed to Open Vault

Sonoma County Museum is looking for help from a locksmith. They have two vaults within the museum. The site was previously Santa Rosa’s post office. One vault is open, but the other one is locked.

SOS Locksmith Service and Quality

SOS Locksmith strives to not only provide good service, but to also deliver quality products. They carry a complete inventory of products that include replacement locks and security systems.

Increase in Daytime Burglaries

Wilmington police say that there has been in increase in daytime burglaries in the Hedgeville area. Residents are being instructed to take the necessary steps to keep themselves from being targeted.

Fourth Generation Locksmith

Folks around Olympia know Jeff Trinin because of his community activities. He has served on various boards and committees over the years, but he is also a local business owner.

Locksmith with Long Service Record

Lincoln Lock & Safe has been in business since 1965. They are a full service locksmith.

MrQuickPick Partnership

MrQuickPick has announced a partnership with Lyft and Uber drivers to offer their services to motorists who are locked out of their cars.

Google Lawsuit Involves Locksmith Ads

Google is facing a lawsuit regarding the advertising practices associated with their search engine. The lawsuit claims that they are knowingly allowing fraudulent locksmiths to advertise, thereby taking business from legitimate locksmiths.

Woman Uses Locksmith for Break In

In Cook County, a woman decided to break into a home using the assistance of a locksmith. The claimed that the Lincoln Park home was her own and hired a locksmith to let her in.

Locksmith Helps Local Charity

A locksmith company in Portland, Oregon is donating a portion of their August profits to a local non-profit. Northwest Locksmith is making the donation to SE Works.

The Locksmith Squad is on the Job

The Locksmith Squad, operating out of Philadelphia is prepared to offer a variety of services to their customers.

Locksmith Works with Variety of Lock Brands

Blue Goose Locksmith is able to provide new lock installation on a variety of lock brands. Their service includes all the most popular brands of locks currently on the market.

LA Locksmith Offers Good Service

Locksmith Los Angeles offers service across the city including after hours. They have 24 hour staff available to attend to any customer needs, regardless of the time of day.

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