$20,000 Worth of Changed Locks in Eustis Schools

Over 4 school master keys were stolen recently in Eustis and this has led the schools to change locks within a day.

"You really can't go past four or five hours. You have to get it done.  Can't go having those keys out there, wherever they might be," said Chris Patton of Lake County Schools.

The burglary happened Tuesday night as they smashed away the school, stealing the keys, the iPads and money. The problem with getting the master key stolen is its ability to open any door within the school.

Elementary and Middle School locks at Eustis Heights were also changed.

The cost of all lock changes amounted to $20,000 and each door lock had different prices.

"A high school is about $10,000, a middle school about $7,500 and an elementary school is about $5,000," said Patton.-thousand." 

Patrols were also plotted around the school during the night to keep the area safe and the new master keys are being hidden safe now.

"At night though, they need to be secured in a locked desk or a lock box.  And that's one thing we're instructing the schools to start doing," said Patton.

Police reports that the four break-ins may have a connection and detectives have on hold a surveillance video from one burglary but will not show it in the public. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 17, 2013 at 9:00 AM