Cyber Locksmith Danger

There is new technology available that could make it easier for crooks to gain access to your home.

Various cyber locksmith shops are opening who offer the making of a key copy with only a couple of pictures. When your keys are not in your possession, i.e. with a valet or a mechanic, there is always the possibility of the key being copied even without it ever physically leaving the location.

An investigative reporter from KCTV5 in Kansas City, Eric Chaloux did an experiment to see how the cyber locksmiths work. Walking through the newsroom, he noticed the keys of his boss sitting out on her desk. He snapped two pictures of her house key and walked away undetected. He sent the pictures to a website the offered key duplication via pictures. The San Francisco based company says they ask for copies of both sides of a key, which makes it more difficult for someone to snap a picture without having actual possession of the key. He also stated that they require a credit card and a billing address, making the transaction traceable if anyone is attempting to do something illegal.

When the copy of the key arrived at the newsroom a few days later, Chaloux let his boss in on the plan. They took the keys to her house and with a little jiggling, he was able to open the door.

The owner of the cyber-locksmith shop advised that consumers should always know who has their keys. In fact he said that a key should be treated like a credit card, like a piece of personal information.

Posted on July 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM