Emergency Locksmith Service Crucial in the Heat

Each year during the summer months, news channels carry heart wrenching stories about children, elderly and pets affected by the season’s heat. This time of year presents dangers that cannot be ignored.

A Pennsylvania locksmith, Phila-Locksmith is attempting to make sure that all are aware of the heat’s dangers. The company is offering free emergency unlocking services to anyone who has inadvertently locked a child or a pet in their car. The temperature inside of a car on a warm day can reach dangerous levels in just a matter of minutes. Phila-Locksmith recommends that anyone finding themselves in this situation immediately call the police and then call Phila-Locksmith. The company will quickly send their closest technician to your location to assist with the emergency.

The Phila-Locksmith team has been offering full locksmith services to residents in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. They are known for their friendly service and their reasonable prices. Their goal is to be an active part of their community with their customer’s viewing them as neighbors.

When a child or pet is locked in a car on a hot day, Phila-Locksmith wants consumers to call immediately without worrying about the cost.

Posted on July 25, 2013 at 10:00 AM