Florida Locksmith Gives Tips for Burglar Proofing

Thieves can sometimes enter a home with one hard kick in the right spot. Some Florida locksmiths told WINK news about important ways to better protect your home.

One of the primary spots for thieves to enter a home is through a sliding glass door. Locksmith Mark Gabel of Safe & Sound in Naples says that the slider is the first place he goes when a client is locked out of their home. It is not uncommon for him to easily get the client back into their home through this type of door. Thieves are aware of this issue. In some instances, thieves simply lift the slider off of its tracks. Gabel’s company sells a double bolt lock that works particularly well on sliding glass doors. It works using the strength of the actual door frame. While the lock costs $80, it is a worthy investment to protect your valuables.

Another big problem can be a lock that is easy to pick. Many consumers do not realize that if a lock is not installed properly it can be easier to pick. Gabel recommends using a trained locksmith to get locks properly installed making them more reliable.

Making a few simple investments in proper locks can make a home much safer.




Posted on December 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM