Inexpensive Summer Security Measures

With summer comes an increase in the number of vacations taken. This can be a good opportunity for thieves to take advantage of an empty house. Valley locksmith Robert Vallelunga from Acme Locksmith offers some inexpensive tips for making your home more secure.

In the garage, consider cutting the cord that is used to release your garage door open. It can often be reached by a coat hanger and pulled to release the door when you are not home. Making it less convenient can lower that risk. In addition, you can typically find a perforated punch out hole that allows you to insert a padlock through the garage door track. This offers an additional layer of security, making it impossible to open the garage door.

Most homes have a deadbolt on their front door, but this is only effect if the door jam is strong. Often the plates holding in the deadbolt are held in with ½ inch screws. Replace those with 3 inch screws.

Homes in warm areas like Arizona often have an accessible patio door. Consider installing an additional lock on that door, one that latches from both the top and the bottom. This will help thwart burglars who are attempting to lift the door off its track.

If you are not the original owner of your home, be sure to have your locks re-keyed. Many folks remember that, but do not remember to rekey their mailbox. This should be done too to prevent identity theft.

These measures are great summer projects that offer you extra protection throughout the year.

Posted on July 15, 2014 at 10:00 AM