Key Copies Easy to Make

After a recent news story detailing how an app and a website can be used to make copies of a key without physically having the key, a locksmith took that one step further.

Locksmith, Bill Boughman saw the story on the news. He took that opportunity to show the newscasters just how easy it is to ‘read’ a key. Following the story, the newscaster was surprised to receive a letter from Boughman. With that letter, he enclosed an exact copy of a key that the newscaster had simply held up during the newscast. In the letter, he explained that it is very easy to ‘read’ keys.

“It’s a simple matter to read keys and it’s a simple matter to make a key for the trained individual."

 Boughman acknowledges that metal keys are not going away any time soon, so it is very important for consumers to invest in good quality locks and keys.



Posted on October 23, 2014 at 10:00 AM