Locksmith Ad Hijacked

A locksmith company is finding it difficult to believe that someone would hijack the advertisement they are paying for. A local news stations Fact Finder team helped to figure out the situation.

Tony Siders is the owner of Affordable Solutions Locksmith. Siders is paying $270 a month for this advertisements on YP.com. “Someone has definitely hijacked my ad,” says Tony.

The ad still contains his company name and his company address, but the phone number on the add is not his. When the number is called and Tony asks if it is Affordable Solutions, the response is affirmative, but he knows the truth. This leaves the business owner worried about his reputation as the hijacking company is likely charging double or triple what the normal charges would be.

Fact Finders was able to contact YP.com and inform them of the ad hijacking. The phone number being used is based on the east coast. The operators at the phone number have been instructed to hire local locksmiths for the calls they receive, but it is unclear at this time whether they understand that they are working for someone who has hijacked another business’ ad.




Posted on June 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM