Locksmith Declares Bankruptcy

A locksmith who has had negative publicity in the past is getting attention again for the wrong reason. Thomas Jeffrey Hayes from Amazing Grace Locksmiths recently filed bankruptcy.

The last time the local news in Greensboro, North Carolina followed a story on Hayes, it was in May. At that time he was turning himself in after it was determined he had been taking money from clients with no intention of completing the work. There are been multiple stories on this particular locksmith. In some instances he has paid back money he has owed, but not in all cases.

Hayes recently purchased keys and safe codes from Southern Safes and Vaults. The bill came to $274 and Hayes never paid. Now that he has filed for bankruptcy, Southern Safes and Vaults is simply another creditor on a long list who is owed money by Hayes.

Donna Snyder from Southern Safes and Vaults does not expect to see any of that money back. She is also frustrated by the fact that his bankruptcy filing does not prohibit Hayes from continuing to operate his business. “He can still do business! He can still do business as a locksmith and he will continue to do what he’s doing and that bothers me.”

Hayes has operated under the name of American Grace and American Locksmiths. Potential customers should always do their research before engaging a locksmith.

Posted on June 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM