Locksmith Helps Solve Mystery

A Denver university needed the skills of a locksmith to see what was inside a safe hidden in the school’s basement.

Johnson and Wales University had the mystery contents of the safe revealed when the locksmith opened the safe from the basement of an abandoned building on campus. The inscription on the lock on the safe was from May 22, 1908. “Cary Safe Co” was painted on the side of the safe.

The locksmith had a plan to be very safe during the safe-cracking. He inserted a fiber optic scope through a drilled hole to make sure he wasn’t opening a safe that contained something dangerous like canisters of gas or something along those lines.

Inside they did not find monetary treasure, but they did find some historical treasures. Inside the safe they found yearbooks, grade books and bonds. These will be cataloged and saved as part of the school’s history. The school archivist will be spending the summer reading through all the contents of the safe.

Posted on June 5, 2014 at 10:00 AM