Locksmith Used in Home Invasion

A locksmith was hired to do his normal job, helping get someone into their home. In this event at a Northern Virginia home, the person hiring the locksmith did not actually own the home.

Once inside the home, the alleged ‘customer’ gained access to the home he caused some concern for the locksmith as he could not find any identification. The locksmith stated that he would be contacting the police department if the customer could not show proof that he lived at the residence. It was at this time that the suspect decided to flee the crime site on foot.

Most states, including Virginia have laws that require a customer to show proof that they are authorized to request access to a home or other locked property. Most locksmiths require this even if it is not state law, simply as a good practice. If the customer cannot provide proof of their right to gain access, a good locksmith will simply refuse to open the lock.





Posted on January 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM