Making Schools Safer

Babylon Locksmiths from Suffolk County, New York recently worked with a local school district to upgrade some of their schools. In light of recent violent attacks against school children in recent years, many districts are looking for new safety measures.

Babylon Locksmiths worked to install some new door technology the offers teachers the ability to lock classroom doors from the inside to secure their children and deter an attack. These locks use a key for locking and unlocking. From the inside, the teacher can lock the lever that is on the outside, preventing someone from entering the door. Because the locking mechanism from inside requires a key, students are prevented from accidently locking the door.

The locksmith company is particularly proud of their efforts when working with the community. “Our children are innocent and should not be the targets of attacks so we made sure that the equipment installed was the best available to offer the kids the optimal protection,” remarked one of the technicians involved in the installation.

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Posted on May 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM