New Estimate Services Available From Locksmith Companies

The locksmith industry is not usually known as a sector that provides free estimates within its own industry; that is, until now. One leader, iLocksmiths of Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, is very proud to announce its new “zero dollars estimate”, which enables customers to avoid a “service fee.”

The reasoning behind the plan is to make it easy for customers to understand the costs involved in hiring local locksmiths. Customers no longer have to pay the service call fee or the trip charges just to get an estimate as they did in the past. iLocksmiths is a very well established company whose services cover residential, commercial and automotive sectors. More than 500 technicians support their operations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Queens.

iLocksmiths takes great pride in being the first company in the industry to offer free estimate to customers. Although they expect the number of service calls to increase dramatically with this consumer-friendly consideration, they are confident their large staff can handle all the new business that may come their way.

This eleven-year-old company offers the most comprehensive range of services, which cover everything from Access Control Systems to lost key replacements.

Will other locksmith companies follow suit in the hopes of increasing business?

Only time will tell, but it does seem likely that they will.

Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on May 8, 2013 at 9:00 AM