One Man's Views on Working as a Locksmith

Greg Wright has been working as a locksmith for practically his entire life. He works at Rite-Way Safe & Lock, Inc.

Wright originally became a locksmith because of his grandfather.

“I was a big follower of my grandfather … I used to say ‘if he was a plumber, I would be a plumber,’” says Wright.

Wright’s grandfather rented a building on Franklin street back in 1942. The shop was originally named Master Repair Shop. By the 50’s, locksmith work was included in the shop’s focus. Wright’s father was also part of the business, making Greg Wright feel like he has locksmithing in his blood.

Wright’s favorite part of the job is meeting new people who are facing a problem. He enjoys being able to solve their problems like being locked out of their home or their car.

The regular duties of his job include opening locked cars or homes and re-keying locks. He also deals with safes.

The hours required are probably the most difficult aspect of the job. It is not uncommon to work very late hours in order to help his customers.

When asked if he would recommend this job to others looking for a career, Wright recommends looking into the security field as a whole. He particularly recommends the electronics portion of the security field.



Posted on June 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM