Safes Found in Jersey Mayor’s Wall Opened

On December 15th, Fox News reported that Jersey City officials solved a mystery by revealing the contents of two safes found in the Mayor’s office wall.

The safes were discovered by Steve Fulop, the current mayor of the city. He was unsure of their contents, so a locksmith was hired to open the safes. It was believed that the safes had been in the office walls for a number of generations and that they had been unopened for many years.

Fulop said, “We discovered the two locked safes inside of a vault in the mayor’s office. We don’t know when the safes were installed or what they were used for, but they are quite old and we thought it would be interesting to find out what may be inside.”

The locksmith opening the safes estimated that they were likely installed sometime between the 1930s and the 1950s. Previous mayors from the past 30 years were questioned and none could specify when the safes were installed or what they were used for.

The mystery was solved once and for all when the safes were opened by the professional locksmith. The great reveal showed that the safes contained an extension cord, thereby bringing a rather anti-climactic end to the speculation of what they might contain.  

Posted on January 9, 2014 at 10:00 AM