What You Need to Know When Locked Out

If you find yourself locked out of your house, you may have some decisions to make. Some families choose to hide a key in a strategic place. This offers quick entry, but may not be the safest choice. Others have the foresight to leave a spare key with a neighbor. The best option is to be organized before something like this happens.  Take the time to add the phone number of a good locksmith to your cell phone’s directory.

When choosing a locksmith your process should be similar to the selection of any private contractor. Use recommendations from friends and family with first hand knowledge of their work. You can also research via the internet or yellow pages. Be sure that your final choice is insured and properly licensed where possible. (Currently there are only 15 states that require a locksmith to be licensed.)

Because you will be standing on the outside of the house, be prepared to show identification. If your locksmith shows up and does not ask to see your identification, you need to choose a different locksmith. It is important that they verify that you actually live at the address you are trying to enter.

If you end up having to call someone without the proper time to research, watch for any red flags. The locksmith should show up with proper identification, in a marked vehicle. If the locksmith’s first solution is to drill out the lock, he/she is probably not the best qualified locksmith. One with proper training and equipment should be able to open the lock without drilling.



Posted on June 20, 2013 at 10:00 AM