Why Become a Locksmith?

In today’s economy, part of looking at potential jobs is looking at jobs that offer some sort of job security. It’s important to find a job that will remain relevant. Those considering becoming a locksmith can rest assured that the field has a good potential for both security and growth.

Locksmiths perform multiple functions. They also are sometimes involved in the design and grind of bolt locks and other locking mechanisms. Many make keys. Some may be involved in making fire-safe boxes or other custom products. It depends on the skill level and focus of the locksmith.

A locksmith might choose to work in an on demand type of environment, taking emergency calls or working in an environment like apartments or business offices where they are responsible for a high volume of keys and entry points. The career options exist in a number of industries including aerospace, military, automotive and more.

The starting salary for a locksmith is approximately $40,000 depending on a locksmith’s experience or role. Those whose job requires that they hold some type of security clearance will find that their salary can be a good deal higher.

Posted on January 23, 2014 at 10:00 AM